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World Peters Projection Map Hema Laminated

World Peters Projection Map Hema Laminated
World Peters Projection Map Hema Laminated (ref#:10075)
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The Peters World Map is one of the most stimulating and controversial images of the world. Traditional world maps, such as Mercator, exaggerate the scole towards the poles giving a false picture of the relative sizes of different countries.

The earth is round and the challenge of any world map is to represent a round earth on a flat surface. There are thousands of map projections, each with certain strengths and corresponding weaknesses.

The Peters projection is an area accurate map: making it easy to compare countries and continents in size.

SCALE: 1: 1 230 000 000
ISBN: 1 865003 61 1

This World Map is suitable for Offices, Homes or all Educational and School Purposes.

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