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Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet Map Hema

Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet Map Hema
Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet Map Hema | Image 2 Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet Map Hema | Main Image
Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet Map Hema (ref#:14543)

The Great Desert Tracks Central Sheet covers from Judbarra/Gregory National Park in the north to Ceduna in the south, and from Halls Creek in the west to Coober Pedy in the east. Marked on the mapping are roads and 4WD tracks checked by the Hema Map Patrol, distance markers, topographical relief and touring points of interest including 24-hour fuel, camping areas and caravan parks, facilities, services and more. Also included is information on travelling in the desert, what you need for the trip and relevant contact information.

  • Goog’s Track
  • Nullarbor Plain
  • Oodnadatta Track
  • Anne Beadell Highway
  • Tanami Road
  • Gary Junction Road
  • Sandy Blight Junction Track

  • Product Format Folded Map
    Barcode 9781925195347
    Unfolded Size (WxH) 700 x 1000 mm
    Cover Size (WxHxD) 175 x 250 x 3 mm

    Locations within this Map

    Australia Alice Springs Amoonguna Ampilatwatja Elliott Halls Creek Hermannsburg Kalkarindji Wave Hill Kaltukatjara Docker River Kintore Kulpitjata Lajamanu Mintabie Nirrippi Santa Teresa Tennant Creek WarmunTurkey Creek Yulara Engenala Finke Papunya Irrultja Ti-Tree Amata Musgrave Park Atitjere Argyle Village Kiwirrkurra Nyirripi Waite Creek Irrunytju Wingellina Mimili Mount Liebig Areyonga Indulkana Iwantja Mutitjulu Wirrimanu Balgo Ali Curung Alcoota Aerodrome Ali Curung Aerodrome Ayers Rock Aerodrome Connellan Airport Daly Waters Aerodrome Namatjira Camp Highway Inn Todd River Downs Station No 32 Bore No 1 Bore No 22 Bore No 23 Bore No 24 Bore No 25 Bore No 30 Bore No 33 Bore No 35 Bore No 4 Bore Aerodrome Bore Mount Cockburn Yam Creek Mcdouall Ranges 10 Mile 10 Mile Bore 10 Mile Creek 10 Mile Dam 10 Mile Outstation 10 Mile Post 117 Mile Post 12 Mile Bore 12 Mile Creek 12 Mile Dam 12 Mile Waterhole 13 Mile Bore 14 Mile Bore 14 Mile Creek 14 Mile Waterhole 14 Mile Yard 140 Mile Post 1440 Bore 15 Mile Bore 15 Mile Yard 16 Mile Bore 16 Mile Camp 16 Mile Dam 18 Mile Bore 180 Mile Post 19 Mile Dam 190 Mile Post 2 Mile Bore 2 Mile Well 20 Mile Bore 20 Mile Post 200 Mile Post 210 Mile Post 22 Mile Bore 22 Mile Waterhole 22 Mile Yard 220 Mile Post 230 Mile Post 240 Mile Post 25 Mile Dam 250 Mile Post 260 Mile Post 270 Mile Post 275 Mile Post 28 Mile Bore 280 Mile Post 285 Mile Post 3 Bores 3 Bores Medical Centre 3 Mile Bore 3 Mile Dam 4 Corners Bore 4 Mile Bore 4 Mile Dam 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Creek 5 Mile Dam 5 Mile Gap 5 Mile Waterhole 5 Mile Well 5 Mile Yard 6 Mile Dam 6 Mile Yard 7 Mile Bore 7 Mile Dam 7 Mile Well 720 Bore 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Dam 8 Mile Gap 8 Mile Soak 8 Mile Well 8 Mile Yard 9 Mile Bore 9 Mile Dam 9 Mile Yard A 368 A 450 A 451 A 452 A 453 A 454 A 455 A 456 A 459 A Bore Absolum Bore Acacia Hill School Acacia Turkey Nest Acacia Well Ace Bore Adams Tank Adder Waterhole Adelaide Bore Adelaide House Museum Adla Hill Adnera Bore Adnera Creek Adnera Gap Adnera Swamp Adnera Waterhole Adnoondo Waterhole Aerodrome Dam Aerodrome Yard Agrip Bore Aileron Aileron Airstrip Aileron Dam Aileron Racecourse Air Track Bore Airbourne Tank Airstrip Bore Ajax Bore Akngwertnarre Aladdins Waterhole Alalgara Yard Alatyeye Alawalla Bore Albarta Bore Albarta Creek Albarta Dam Alcoota Alcoota School Aldardrama Paddock Aleeltara Peak Alekarenge Pre School Alekarenge School Alexander Algamba Bore Algoolgoora Swamp Ali Curung Health Centre Ali Curung Police Station Aliboy Knob Alice Creek Alice Springs Airport Alice Springs Ambulance Station Alice Springs Community College Alice Springs Desert Park Alice Springs Fire Station Alice Springs General Cemetery Alice Springs Golf Course Alice Springs Health Centre Alice Springs High School Alice Springs Hospital Alice Springs Pistol Club Alice Springs Police Station Alice Springs Post Office Alice Springs Public Library Alice Springs Railway Station Alice Springs RSL Military Museum Alice Springs School of the Air Alice Springs Telegraph Station Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve Alice Valley Alice Well Alinjabon Rockhole Alkara Creek Alkata Alkipi Alkngarriintja Alkuptija Alladin Dam Allambarinja Range Allambi Allambi Airfield Allan Border Bore Allan Knott Tank Allan Tank Allanah Hill Allen Dam Allora Bore Allua Well Allungra Creek Allungra Waterhole Aloolya Bore Alpara Alparra Police Station Alpha Bore Alpine Bore Altalweynimma Waterhole Alua Dam Alyuen Amanbidji Amanbidji Health Centre Amanbidji School Amandas Bore Amarata Range Amarata Waterhole Ambalindum Ambulbinya Peak Amburla Amburla Airstrip Amburla Creek Amburla Dam Amelia Creek Amengernterneah Amery Well Amery Yard Amesbury Bore Ammaroo Amonga Dam Amoonguna Health Centre Amoonguna School Amos Knob Amphitheatre Ampilatwatja Airfield Ampilatwatja School Ampire Waterhole Amputjuta Amundurngua Amungee Mungee Waterhole Amunturrngu Health Centre Amunurunga Range Anamarra Creek Andado Andado Airfield Andado Swamp Andantoompantie Waterhole Andrew Young Hills Aneri Well Angas Airfield Angas Downs Angathita Well Angatyepe Angeera Bore Angkarla Hill Angkerle Arrenge A Angkerle Arrenge B Angula Angus Bore Angus Downs Landing Ground Anira Creek Anira Dam Anjawilly Bore Ankerrapw Ankweleyelengkwe Anmatjere Anmatjira Range Anna Reservoir Annerre Annie Loch Rockhole Annie Spring Anningie Anningie Airstrip Anningie Bore Anningie Creek Anniversary Bore Annulica Bore Anomally Bores Antere Anthelk-Ewlpaye Anthepe Antiarra Waterhole Anuma Creek Anuri Waterhole Anvil Springs Creek Anzac Dam Anzac Hill Anzac Hill High School Anzac Hill Park Anzac Oval Aparina Creek Aper-Alwerrknge Approach Hill Aputula Health Centre Arabulja Waterhole Aralka Bore Araluen Araluen Arts Centre Araluen Christian School Aranlinga Bore Arawerr Archies Bore Ardath Bore Arden Soak Bore Aremra Waterhole Areyonga Airfield Areyonga Creek Areyonga Health Centre Areyonga School Argilkie Creek Argo Arimala Bore Arinbra Spring Arkanta Arlpa Waterhole Arlparra Arlparra Police Station Arltunga Bore Arltunga Historical Reserve Armstrong Creek Armstrong River Armstrongs Army Hole Arno Peak Arno Peak Bore Aroora Dam Arowie Waterhole Arrawajin Arrillhjere Arrkapa Arrunge Artekerr Artekerre Arthur Hills Arumbera Arumbera Creek Arunta Rockhole Aruta Dam Ashburton Range Ashley Mallet Bore Atartinga Atetherre Waterhole Atheley Atherita Bore Athinna Creek Athinna Dam Atitjere Health Centre Atji Creek Atlalweynimma Waterhole Atlee Creek Atlee Creek Bore Atnarara Atnarpa Atnarpa Creek Atnarpa Range Atnarta Bore Atnarta Creek Atnarta Dam Atneequa Bore Atneequa Creek Atneequa Spring Atneltyey Atniempa Waterhole Atnwengerrpe Atoota Dam Atoothenna Bore Attack Creek Attack Creek Historical Reserve Attack Creek Waterhole Attack Dam Atukera Bore Aturga Creek Aturga Wells Audantoompantie Waterhole Auld Pond Aunt Marys Rockhole Austerity Well Austral Pillar Ayers Lookout Ayers Lookout Plain Ayers Range Ayers Rock Medical Centre Ayuda Bore B Bore Babbler Bore Bacardi Bore Bacon Range Bagot Creek Bagot Spring Bagot Springs Bahngi Bluff Baker Creek Balbirini Creek Bald Hill Bald Hill Dam Bald Hill Dams Bamboo Spring Bamboo Springs Bamboo Yard Bamboo Yards Bank Dam Bank Hole Waterhole Banka Banka Banka Banka Airstrip Banka Bore Banka Creek Bankin Bore Baralandji Bardia Bore Bareback Creek Barker Creek Barkly Bore Barkly Stock Route Barmaranja Waterhole Barrow Creek Barrow Creek Airfield Barrow Creek Cemetery Barrow Creek Telegraph Station Barrow Creek Wayside Inn Barry Creek Barry Creek Bore Barry Knob Barry Knob Bore Bartlett Pinnacle Basedow Range Bastard Bore Battery Block Battery Hill Battery Hill Mining Centre Battery Waterhole Bau Range Bauhina No 2 Bore Bauhinia Bore Bauhinia Creek Baxters Well Baystone Bore Beagles Yard Bean Tree Waterhole Beantree Creek Beantree Dam Beantree Waterhole Beasley Creek Beasley Spring Beaver Dam Beddome Range Beefwood Bore Beefwood Dam Beefwood Swamp Dam Beer St Bore Beetaloo Beetaloo Waterhole Behm River Behn River Bells Creek Belt Range Ben Walkington Dam Benaud Bore Benda Hill Bendy Bore Benjies Bore Bennett Springs Benstead Bore Bentans Bore Berowie Bore Berry Pass Berry Pass Creek Bhp Bore Biddy Waterhole Big Bore Big Bullock Creek Big Motor Bore Bigley Springs Bigrlyi Mine Bilba Hills Bill Dam Bill Lawry Tank Billies Bore Billy Creek Billy Goat Hill Billycan Creek Bilyanarri Hill Bingy Bingy Spring Birdum Biri Hill Birrimba Birrindudu Birrindudu Airfield Birrindudu Bore Birrindudu Range Birrindudu Waterhole Birthday Bore Bishop Bore Bishop Creek Bishop Dam Bit Bore Bitter Bore Bitter Springs Bitter Springs Creek Bitumen Bore Bj Bore Black Angel Black Angel Mine Black Angle Block Black Cap Dam Black Cone Black Gin Creek Black Hill Black Hill Bore Black Hill Dam Black Hill Range Black Hill Yard Black Peak Black Point Black Range Black Springs Black Springs Bore Black Springs Yard Black Tank Bore Blackbird Bore Blackfella Rockhole Blackfellow Creek Blackfellow Yard Blackfellows Bones Bore Blackfellows Knob Blackgin Bore Blackgin Hill Blackgin Waterhole Blackgin Yard Blackhill Creek Blackhill Dam Blackmail Bore Blacktank Bore Blackwater Blackwood Bluff Blakeway Blanche Creek Blanche Tower Blanche Tower Creek Blatherskite Park Blessen Creek Bore Blinka Blinka Creek Blockhill Bore Blom Bore Blondies Swamp Bloods Range Bloodwood Ennugan Creek Bloodwood Bore Bloodwood Creek Bloodwood Dam Bloodwood Well Blue Bush Blue Bush Bore Blue Bush No 2 Bore Bluebush Bore Bluebush Dam Bluebush Gully Bluebush Hills Bluebush Swamp Bluebush Yards Bluegrass Bore Bluehill Dam Blusundi Bore Blusundi Waterhole Bobs Gully Yard Bobs Well Bobtail Yard Boen Hill Bogga Bogga Well Boggy Flat Dam Boggy Hole Bore Boggy Hole Creek Boggy Lagoon Bokhara Boko Bore Bolltons Bore Bond Bond Dam Bond Springs Bond Springs Landing Ground Bonney Well Bonney Bore Bonney Creek Booda Bore Boodju Bore Boomerang Bore Boomerang Creek Boomerang No 4 Bore Boomerang Waterhole Boomerang Yard Boon Bore Boon Hill Boots Dam Bootu Creek Border Hill Bore Bore Bluebush Bore G37 Bore No 2 Bore No 3 Bore No 6 Bostocks Bore Boswell Bore Botham Bore Botham Tank Bottle Tree Yard Bottle Waterhole Bottom Bore Bough Shed Creek Boundary Bore Boundary Dam Boundary Waterhole Bowra Bore Bowson Waterhole Box Hole Bore Box Hole Dam Boxers Spring Creek Boxhole Meteorite Crater Boxwood Bores Boxwood Dam Boxwood Dams Boys Bore Boys Dam Bradman Bore Bradshaw Pre School Bradshaw Primary School Braimers Dam Braitling Braitling Primary School Braitling Well Breaden Creek Breaden Dam Breaden Yard Brett Creek Brewer Plain Brigadier Hill Brigalow Yard Briggs Lagoon Brinkley Bluff Briscoe Pass Briscoe Tent Hill Britannia Waterhole Britten Jones Creek Broad Creek Broadarrow Creek Broadmere Broadmere Landing Ground Broadmere Waterhole Broken Bank Dam Broken Buggy Creek Broken Dam Brolga Bore Brolga Creek Bronco Bore Brookes Creek Brookes Soak Brown Rock Waterhole Brownlock Swamp Browns Bore Browns Range Browns Yards Bruce Laird Bore Brumbreu Waterhole Brumby Bore Brumby Dam Brumby Hill Brumby Hole Yard Brumby Plain Bore Brumby Springs Brumby Waterhole Brunchilly Brunchilly Creek Brunchilly Dam Buchanan Buchanan Creek Buchanan Hills Buchanan Springs Buchanan Yard Bucket Creek Bucket Creek Bore Bucket Waterhole Buffalo Bore Buffalo Creek Buger Creek Buger Creek Bore Buggaremup Bore Buggy Camp Bore Buggy Camp Waterhole Bull Creek Bull Creek Bore Bull Hole Yard Bull Paddock Bore Bull Soak Dam Bull Waterhole Bullant Bore Bullcamp Creek Bulldust Bore Bulldust Dam Bullen Creek Bullhole Bore Bullhole Dam Bullock Creek Bullocks Head Lake Bullocky Bore Bullocky Dam Bulltrap Bore Bulltrap Yard Buloonungroo Creek Bunda Creek Bunda Junction Bore Bunda Landing Ground Bundara Creek Bundarunganu Hill Bundey Dam Bundooma Bunker Hill Bunyip Bore Bunyip Tank Burge Bore Burke Creek Burke Yards Burns Creek Burns Well Burrabelly Waterhole Burt Bluff Burt Creek Burt Dam Burt Plain Burta Wurta Burtawurta Creek Burton Park Bush Tank Bushy Park Bushy Park Dam Butchers Waterhole Butler Dome Buttercup Dam Byrnes Hill C Bore Cabbage Gum Bore Cabbage Gum Bore No 10 Cabbage Gum Bore No 2 Cabbage Gum Bore No 9 Cabbage Tree Bore Cabbage Well Cadney Bore Cadney Creek Cahills Rockhole Cairn O T Cairns Makinson Bore Calamity Bore Calatta Springs Cam Tank Camel Back Hill Camel Bore Camel Camp Camel Creek Camel Dam Camel Flat Bore Camel Soak Bore Camel Swamp Tank Camel Waterholes Camels Hump Camel's Hump Camerons Bore Camerons Dam Camfield Camfield Bore Camfield Creek Camfield River Camfield Yard Campbell Creek Campbell Park Campbell Range Campbell Spring Cannagootchoo Rockholes Canteen Bore Canteen Creek Canteen Waterhole Captain Spring Creek Carbine Bore Carbine Yard Carmencita Bore Carmichael Crag Carmichael Creek Carmilly Bore Carmilly Creek Carmilly Dam Carmilly Springs Carmilly Waterhole Carrington Bore Carrols Tank Carruthers Creek Carruthers Tank Carters Yard Casey Bore Cassidy Bore Cassius Clay Bore Cassius Clay Tank casterton Creek Castle Bore Castle Hill Castle Rock Casuarina Bore Casuarina Dam Caterpiller Bore Catfish Waterhole Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Bore Cattle Creek Landing Ground Cattle Creek Waterhole Cattle Swamp Well Cattlewater Pass Causeway Bore Cave Hill Cave Hole Mill Cave Hole Yard Cave Well Cavenagh Range Caves Hole Well Ceilidh Hill Cement Dam Centenary Bore Centenary Dam Centipede Dam Central Australian Aviation Museum Central Government Battery Central Mount Central Mount Stuart Central Mount Stuart Historical Reserve Central Mount Sturt Central Mount Wedge Centralian Senior College Centre Creek Chabalowe Bore Chabbana Waterholes Chain Of Ponds Yard Chalet Ridge Chalmers Dam Chalmers Park Chaluba Bore Chambers Pillar Chamber's Pillar Historical Reserve Chandlers Range Channingum Creek Charles Darwin University Alice Springs Charles River Charley Bore Charley Creek Charlotte Bore Charlotte Dam Charlotte Range Charlotte Waters Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station Cheeky Swamp Bore Cherub Creek Chewings Range Chianina Chilla Well Chilla Well Landing Ground Chinaman Creek Chipoonga Rockhole Chiripee Dam Chirnside Creek Choritja Hill Chow-Chowra Creek Chow-Chowra Dam Christmas Bore Christmas Creek Christmas Dam Christmas Dams Christmas Well Christmas Yards Christopher Pinnacle Christy Bagot Creek Chu Chu Yard Chungamidgee Bore Chungamidgee Waterhole Chungaree Bore Chungari Creek Churchills Head Ciccone Cindy Bore Circle Gully Claraville Clark Mine Clarke Creek Claude Bore Claypan Bore Claypan Dam Claypan Well Clearhole Waterhole Cleary Creek Cleary Creek Yard Cleland Hills Clements Well Cliff Bore Cliff Nissan Bore Clive Lloyd Bore Clothes Line Bore Clough Bore Clough Dam Clough Range Cloughs Dam Cobb Creek Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Waterhole Cockys Camp Yard Coggan Bore Coglin Bore Coglin Creek Col Creek Coles Bore Coles Dam Coles Hill Colleen Dam Collei Bore Collins Bore Collins Creek Colorado Creek Colson Pinnacle Colters Camp Bore Colyer Creek Colyer Lagoon Commonderoo Bore Commonderoo Spring Companion Creek Companion Yard Condalara Waterhole Condon Creek Condons Bore Condy Bore Confusion Dam Conglomerate Bore Conglomerate Creek Conglomerate Waterhole Conical Hill Coniston Conman Bore Connellan Connor Well Connor Well Bore Conservation Bore Coodna Waterhole Cooee Hill Coolgane Waterhole Coolgarie Waterhole Coolibah Creek Coolibah Yard Cooloola Well Coolunjie Waterhole Coomarie Spring Coomonderoo Creek Copia Bore Copley Creek Coppock Bore Coppocks Bore Corella Bore Corella Creek Corkscrew Hill Corkwood Bore Corkwood Well Corner Bore Corner Tank Corner Turkey Nest Coron Bore Coronation Bore Corroboree Bore Corroboree Rock Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve Costa Tszyu Bore Costellos Bore Cotton Bush Creek Cottonbush Bore Cottonbush Dam Coulter Waterhole Coulthards Gap Waterhole Cow Lagoon Cowardys Creek Cowardys Yard Cox Bore Cox Creek Cox Knob Coxs Bore Crawford Bore Crawford Creek Crawford Range Crawford Spring Crazy Creek Creek Paddock Creswell Creek Croker Creek Croker Spring Croker Yard Crooked Bore Crooked Creek Crooked Hole Creek Cross Keys Well Crossing Well Crossroads Bore Crown Creek Crown Crossing Crown Hill Crown Point Crows Dam Crows Nest Bore Crows Nest Well Crowsons Bore Crushing Plant Dam Cullanjacky Creek Cullenjacky Bore Cultivation Bore Cultivation Bores Cumming Yard Cunanningi Waterhole Cunninghams Gorge Curdie Range Curlew Waterhole Currenjackie Bore Currinya Bore Curtin Springs Curtin Springs Aerodrome Curtin Springs East Boundary Curtin Springs Hill Curtis Pound Cusack Creek Cusack Rock Cusacks Bore Cyclops Bore Cym Bore D Bore D D Smith Park D Dam Dads Dam Daguragu Daguragu Health Centre Dakoty Bore Daly Waters Daly Waters Creek Dam No 1 Dam Walls Danny Whites Yard Dare Plain Dashalong Dam Dashwood Creek Dashwood Crossing Bore Dashwood No 8 Bore Datuk Bore Davenport Davenport Creek Davenport Hills Davenport Mine Davenport Range David Bore David Hookes Bore Davidson Park Davis Bore Davis Gap Davis Well Dawkins Well Day Creek De Bavay Hills Dead Bird Dam Dead Bullock Dam Dead Bullock Soak Mine Dead Camel Dam Dead Hore Bore Dead Horse Creek Dead Horse Dam Dead Horse Spring Dead Horse Waterhole Dead Mans Bore Deagan Waterhole Dean Range Deception Creek Deep Bore Deep Well Deep Well Bore Deep Well North Sr Bore Deep Well Range Deering Creek Delamere Bore Delivery Creek Delmore Downs Delny Demon Hill Paddock Dempseys Depot Creek Depot Hill Depot Pile Depot Sandhills Derry Downs Derrys Bore Derwent Desert Bore Desert Hill Desert Oaks Resort Desert Springs Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve Devitt Hill Dewars Tank Dewrah Creek Diamond Drill Hole Bore Dick Well Dick Well Bore Dicks Bore Dingley Bore Dingo Bore Dingo Creek Dingo Creek Bore & Yard Dingo Dam Dingo Hole Yard Dingo No 1 Gas Well Dingo No 2 Gas Well Dingo Spring Dingo Tank Dingo Waterhole Dingo Yard Dinkum Dinner Camp Bore Dinner Camp Waterhole Direct Action Bore Ditjiedoonkuna Hills Divide Bore Divine Bore Dixon Bore Dixon Creek Dixon Ridge Djabangardi Hill Djagamara Peak Djalabalba Hill Djambidjimba Mesa Djanba Hill Djilbari Hills Djuburula Peak Dneiper Docker River Docker River School Docs Dam Doctor Abbotts Bore Dodderal Bore Donkey Creek Dons Bore Dons Dam Doreen Bore Double Bores Double Dam Double Dams Double Garden Waterhole Doughboy Creek Downer Hill Doyles Bore Drakluder Dam Driver Drought Bore Drought Relief Bore Drummer Creek Dry Bluff Dry Creek Dry Lake Dry Well Yard Dry Yard Dam Du Faur Hills Duck Bore Duck Hole Duck Ponds Duck Ponds Waterhole Duck Swamp Yard Duckhole Yard Dud Bore Dude Bore Duffield Duffield Creek Duffield Dam Duffield Rocks Dungowan Dunja Bore Dunmarra Dunmarra Waterhole E Bore E Dam Eagle Valley Eaglehawk Dam Eaglenest Bore Eagles Nest Bore East Bore East Bore No 1 East Bore No 2 East Creek East Dam East Farardays Bore East Granites East Lake Dam East Mereenie Field East Mereenie No 1 East Side East Waterhole Easter Bore Eastern Bore Eastern Chief Bore Eastern Chief Creek Eastern Dam Eblana Creek Echidna Retreat Eclipse Bore Edgar Creek Edgar Springs Edinburgh Creek Edmirringee Rockhole Edwards Creek Eebarr Paddock Egan Bore Ehrenberg Range Eight Mile Eight Mile Bore Eight Mile Rise Eight Mile Waterhole Eight Mile Yard Eighty Four Bore Eileen Hill El Dorado Elbow Waterhole Elbreda Dam Elbulinger Bore Elco Dam Elder Creek Eldorado Bore Eldorado Park Eleanor Pool Eleanor Pool Yard Elitjia Elkedra Pound Elkera No 1 Bore Ellen Bore Ellery Creek Ellery Creek Big Hole Ellery Creek Big Hole Nature Park Ellery Creek Yard Elliott Cemetery Elliott Health Centre Elliott North Camp Elliott Police Station Elliott School Elliott South Camp Elliott Yard Elmouraba Well Elsey Bore Elsie Creek Emily Emily And Jessie Gaps Nature Park Emily Creek Emily Gap Emily Glen Emily Plain Emma Bore Emu Bore Emu Creek Emu Dam Emu Hole Dam Emu Spring Emu Swamp Dam Enbra Hills Engawala Engawala Health Centre Englands Well Engoordina Eninta Creek Ennugan Creek Ennugan Mountains Entire Bore Entire Creek Entire One Tank Entire Point Epenarra Epenarra Health Centre Epenarra School Epsom Bore Erajaca Dam Erajaka Well Eremophila Point Erics Bore Erics Dam Erldunda Erldunda Airstrip Erldunda Outstation Erldunda Range Eronthonnga Waterholes Errolola Rockhole Esther Ethel Creek Ettenia Bore Ettenia Hills Eulie Paddock Eva Bore Eva Creek Eva Downs Eva Springs Eva Turkey Nest Everard Scrub Ewaninga Ewaninga Rock Carvings Conservation Reserve Ewarts Springs Ewyenper-Atwatye Excavation Dam Exoil Bore Exoil No 1 Oil Bore Expectation Bore Exploration Bore Explorer 46 Extension Hill F Bore False Mount Russell Faradays Bore Faradays Yard Farewell Glen Farquharson Bore Farquharson Gap Farrands Hills Farrar Yard Fasal Deens Battery Fat Bullock Bore Fat Bullock Waterhole Fat Cow Creek Favenc Range Felix Spring Felt Hat Bore Felt Hat Peak Feltham Hill Fence Bore Fenech Bore Fenn Gap Fenn Gap West Ferdies Bore Ferguson Bore Ferguson Creek Fergusson Creek Fergusson Range Ferrar Spring Fever Creek Fiddlers Lake Fifteen Mile Creek Fifteen Mile Dam Fifteen Mile Yard Fig Tree Bore Fig Tree Yard Fight Hole Trap Fighting Dam Figtree Creek Figtree Point Finke Aerodrome Finke Gorge Finke Gorge National Park Finke Police Station Finke Railway Bore Finke River Finke School Finlayson Park Fire Fly Yard First Gap Fischers Bore Fish Hole Fish Hole Waterhole Fish Hole Yard Fisher Bore Fisher Creek Fitz Bore Fitzgerald Range Five Mile Five Mile Bore Five Mile Creek Five Mile Waterhole Flagon Flat Range Flat Top Hill Flat Top Waterhole Flint Spring Flood Out Bore Floodout Bore Floodout Dam Flora Bore Floral Dam Florence Creek Florence Gap Florrie Spring Waterhole Flour Hill Flour Yard Flying Fox Creek Flying Fox Spring Yard Flying Fox Yard Flynn Flynn Park Foreman Bore Fork Creek Bore Fork Yard Forrest Park Forster Range Foster Cliff Fotheringham Hill Four Mile Bore Four Mile Dam Four Mile Waterhole Four Mile Well Fox Creek Fox Dam Foxalls Well Frances Creek Frances Smith Memorial Park Frances Well Frank Mcellister Community Park Frankenia Rise Frankies Dam Frayne Camp Springs Fraynes Knob Frazer Creek Frazer Dam Frazer Hill Frazier Bore And Yards Fred McKay Museum Freshwater Bore Frew Pond Frew River Frew's Ironstone Pond Frews Yard Frog Bore Frog Valley Froud Creek Frying Pan Waterhole G B Bore G B Creek G B Rockhole G Bore Ganley Bore Gap Bore Gap Hill Gardiner Range Gardner Range Garfield Sobers Tank Garlick Bore Gavasker Bore Gaylad Creek Gaylad Dam Gecko Mine Gem Tree Caravan Park Geoffreys Tank George Creek George Gill Range George Redmond Crossing Georges Dam Georges Yard Georgina Gap Georgina Range Gettens Well Ghan Ghan Legends Museum Ghost Gum Bore Ghost Gum Rise Ghost Well Gibbesmurray Hills Gibbie Creek Gibeanie Bore Gibson Creek Gida Gida Hill Gidgea Hole Dam Gidyea Bore Gidyea Creek Gidyea Dam Gilbert Bore Gilbert Creek Gilbert Spring Gilbert Springs Gilbert Swamp Gilbert Well Giles Creek Giles Creek Yard Giles Gap Dam Giles Range Giles Spring Giles Waterhole Gilidji Hill Gill Creek Gill Creek Bore Gill Pass Gillen Gillen Creek Gillen Pre School Gillen Primary School Gillens Bore Gilpens Bore Gimcrack Bore Gimlet Dam Ginger Hole Bore Gingers Waterhole Gintys Bore Gleeson Bore Gleeson Creek Gleeson Spring Gleeson Tank Glen Edith Glen Elder Glen Helen Glen Helen Lodge Glen Maggie Glen of Palms Glen Ormiston Yard Glenroy Turkey Nest Gloaming Dam Goat Camp Creek Goat Camp Dam Gold Diggings Hut Goochegoochena Creek Good Friday Dam Goodiar Creek Goofy Bore Goose Creek Gordon and Ida Abbott Park Gordon Bore Gordon Creek Gordon Hill Gordy Creek Gordy Springs Gorm Yard Gorrey Bore Gorries Bore Gosse Bore Yard Gosse Dam Gosse River Gosses Bluff Government Battery Government Bore Govt Bore Goyder Bore Goyder Creek Goyder Pass Goyder Range Grainger Hole Granite Bore Granite Creek Granite Hill Granite Yard Grantham Rockhole Grave Creek Gravel Creek Grays Bluff Great Davenport Mine Great Western Green Swamp Hills Green Swamp Well Green Swamp Well 4 Green Valley Greenhill Bore Greentree Dam Greenwood Well Greg Chappell Bore Gregory Gregorys Remarkable Pillar Gremlin Bore Grey Park Grimmett Bore Grimwade Ridge Gum Bore Gum Creek Gum Creek Bore Gum Ridge Gum Tree Creek Gum Yard Gumhole Bore Gumhole Dam Gumtree Bore Gumtree Dam Gumtree Hills Gumtree Well Gunbarrel Rise Gurindji Gurner Gussys Well Guttapercha Waterhole Gwens Tank Gypsum Bore Gypsum Creek Gypsum Dam H 198 H Bore Haasts Bluff Haasts Bluff Airfield Haasts Bluff Health Centre Haasts Bluff Police Station Haasts Bluff School Hadlee Bore Halcombs Creek Hale Hale Plain Haley Bore Halfway Bore Halfway Camp Halfway dam Halfway Dam Halfway Yard Halleem Creek Halls Pocket Yard Halstead Creek Hamburger Dam Hamilton Bore Hamilton Creek Hamilton Downs Hangover Bore Hann Range Hans Creek Hanson Bluff Hanson Bore Hanson River Hanson Well Hanson Yard Harding Spring Well Harding Springs Creek Harper Springs Well Harry Bore Harry Creek Harry Dam Harrys Dam Harrys Yard Hart Hartley Street School Harts Camp Waterhole Harts Range Harts Range Aerodrome Harts Range Police Station Harts Range School Harverson Pass Hassett Bore Hasting Bore Hatches Creek Hatches Waterhole Haunted Tree Bore Hawk Knob Hawker Creek Hawks Nest Bore Hawksnest Bore Hayes Hayes Springs Hayes Well Hayfield No 1 Bore Hayfield No 3 Bore Hayfields Hayward Creek Head Of The Taylor Waterhole Headley Knob Headleys Creek Healing Heavitree Gap Heavitree Gap Police Station Heavitree Range Hector Pass Helen Creek Helen Springs Helen Springs Bore Helena Creek Hells Gate Bore Henbury Henbury Aerodrome Henbury Claypan Dam Henbury Meteorite Conservation Park Henbury Meteorite Craters Henty Hills Herbert Well Hermannsburg Aerodrome Hermannsburg Health Centre Hickety Bore Hickey Dam Hidden Secret Waterhole Hidden Valley Hideaway Dam High Bluff Highland Rocks Highljinks Bore Highway Bore Highway Dam Highway Tank Hijinks Bore Hill Of Leaders Hillside Bore Hingstons Place Hiraji Bore Hit Or Miss Well Hi-Way Inn Hoad Bore Hogan Bore Holding Bore Hollomo Noon Waterhole Home of Bullion Home Of Bullion Dam Homestead Bore Homestead Bores 1 & 2 Homestead Dam Homestead Rise Honeymoon Bore Honeymoon Dam Honeymoon Gap Honeypot Bore Hoodoo Bore Hoodoo Well Hooker Creek Hooker Creek Aerodrome Hooker Creek No 8 Bore Hooker Creek Road Bore Hope Valley Hope Valley Creek Hoppy's Camp Hordern Hills Horizon Bores Horse Camp Waterhole Horse Creek Horse Creek Bore Horse Creek Junction Yard Horse Creek Yard Horse Dam Horse Paddock Bore Horse Paddock Dam Horse Paddock Well Horse Plain Horse Spring Horseshoe Bend Househill Range Howell Ponds Huckitta Huckitta Bore Huddleson Lagoon Bore Hugh Hugh Gorge Hugh River Hugh River Trucking Yards Hughes Bore Hughie Creek Hull River Humbert River Hunter Creek Hurricane Hill Bore Hurst Creek Hut Creek Hut Springs I Dam Ian Chappell Bore Ian Redpath Bore Iantje Spring Ida Stanley Pre School Idirriki Range Idracowra Idracowra Aerodrome Ilbpilla Soak Ilbumric Bore Ildirika Dam Ileparratye Ilkarralalama Illamurta Spring Illara Creek Illara North Creek Illara Rocks Illara Waterhole Illawarra Creek Illawarra Spring Illawilla Bore Illawilla Creek Illbilla Creek Illbilla Spring Dam Illeuwurru Illili Illilleeri Waterhole Illjerica Bore Illoquara Waterhole Ilnx Bore Ilparpa Ilparpa Swamp Ilparpa Swamp Wildlife Protected Area Ilperle-Tyathe Ilpili Ilpiye-Ilpiye Ilpurla Ilyabba Dam Ilyaralona Range Ilyiperenye Imangara Imanpa Imanpa Health Centre Imanpa Landing Ground Imanpa Police Station Imanpa School Imbumbunna Hills Impadna Impadna Dam Impadna Landing Ground Imperrenth Importna Inacumba Creek Inarlenge Inbina Atwatye Inda Dam Indamilly Waterhole Indaringinya Indemina Bore Indera Bore Indera Dam Indiana Indiatna Well Indildra Claypan Indinda Swamp Indinda Well Ingallan Creek Ingallan Spring Ingallana Bore Ingeranunga Waterhole Inglula Hills Ingualbinguan Waterhole Inguroo Bore Inguroo Hill Inguroo Tank Ingwallumum Gap Inindia Bore Ininti Injaridan Rockhole Injirramurri Injulkama Inkamulla Creek Inkamulla Well Inkangarti Gorge Inkanunna Creek Inkanunna Soak Inkawenyerre Inkwelaye Inningarra Range Innoculation Yard Intalpa Dam Intalpa Lake Inter Amoru Rockhole Interial Dam Intjartnama Inveretz Pocket Yards Inverway Inyallinga Inyilingi Inyitbar Waterhole Ipalala Ipolera Ipolera Dam Ipolera No 1 Bore Ipolera No 2 Bore Ipolera School Ippia Hill Ippity Hanger Bore Irkini Irklancha Atwacha Irlpme Iron Stone Bore Ironwood Bore Ironwood Creek Ironwood Dam Irrerlirre Irriltyere A Irriltyere B Irving Creek Isabel Bore Island Bore Itchy Koo Park Iteyepintye Itperlyenge Itwiyethwenge Ivanhoe Mine Ivy Dam Iwupataka Iylentye J Bore Jack Dempsey Bore Jack Gray Plain Jackawarra Creek Jackawarra Dam Jacko Bore Jacks Dam Jakes Bore Jamaica Bore James Orr Overpass James Range Bore James Ranges Jangga Bluff Jangirulu Jardaiyarda Jarra Jarra Jarrah Jarrah Range Jarvis Waterhole Jasper Bore Jasper Well Jay Creek Jellebra Rockholes Jemelke Jenkins Bluff Jennings Gorges Jerimah Creek Jeromah Creek Jerries Bore Jessie Creek Jessie Dam Jessie Gap Jiberu Creek Jiberu Waterhole Jim Lewis Waterhole Jim Mcconville Park Jim Rennie Memorial Reserve Jim Well Jimarrow Bore Jimmy Creek Jimmys Dam Jingaloo Jingerah Bore Jinker Bore Jinker Creek Jiwaranpa Jocks Waterhole Joe Louis Bore Joel Garner Tank John Blakeman Bridge John Flynn Historical Reserve John Flynn Memorial John Flynns Grave John Flynn's Grave Historic Reserve John Hayes Rockhole John Holland Bore Johnannsen Bore Johnny Creek Johnnys Bore Johns Range Johns Well Johnson Bore Johnsons Hill Johnsons Waterhole Johnston Johnston Billabong Johnston Lagoon Johnstone Hill Johnstone Range Joker Bore Joker Flat Dam Jones Bore Jones Store Newcastle Waters Jones Well Joppita Bore Jubilee Jubilee Park Julia Basin Rockhole Julie Dam Jumbo Bore Jump Up Yard Junction Bore Junction Hole Junction Reserve Bore Junction Waterhole Junction Well Jungarrayi Warrnu Junjaminji Waterhole Junkaji Juno Mine Juppungka Rockhole K Bore Kaboolka Dam Kadaitcha Dam Kaditcha Bore Kaidwalla Waterhole Kaiser Yard Kakalyi Bore Kalala Kalamurta Creek Kalamurta Dam Kalamurta Hill Kalga Hills Kalinjarri Kalipima Native Well Kalkarindji Kalkaringi Cemetery Kalkaringi Police Station Kalkarinji Community Health Centre Kalkarinji Pre School Kalkarinji School Kalkgurung Aerodrome Kalpitapta Kaltukatjara Kalumbulani Kalumpurlpa Kamran Well Kanakujjurrra Rockholes Kanandra Bore Kanandra Dam Kanandra Gap Yard Kandju Gorge Kangaroo Bore Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Dam Kangaroo Rockhole Kangaroo Well Kapil Dev Bore Kaporilja Spring Kaporilya Karabildi Yard Karabungun Bore Karadi Hill Karanji Bore Karga Well Kargaru Karinga Creek Karinga Dam Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Karnte Karrinyarra Kartijirarrakanya Claypan Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga Katamala Cone Katapata Gap Katatjuta Lookout Kathleen Creek Kathleen Park Kathleen Spring Katjutari Kay Bore Kay Creek Keith Stackpole Tank Kekwick Ponds Kelly Bore Kelly Creek Kelly Hills Kelly Well Kelly Well No 1 Kelly Well No 10 Kelly Well No 11 Kelly Well No 12 Kelly Well No 13 Kelly Well No 14 Kelly Well No 15 Kelly Well No 2 Kelly Well No 4 Kelly Well No 5 Kelly Well No 6 Kelly Well No 7 Kelly Well No 8 Kelly Well No 9 Kelly West Kelmans Bore Kempeana Park Ken Soak Kennedys Dam Kepler Wessels Bore Keridi Bore Keridi Creek Kernot Hill Kernot Range Kerosene Camp Creek Kerosene Well Kerramun Lagoon Key Creek Keyser Hill Kildurk Kildurk Aerodrome Kildurk Creek Kilfoyle Bore Killaloc Creek Killarney Killi Killi Hills Killowje Bore Kimom Creek Kimon Bore Kinevans Yard King Bore Kings Canyon Kings Canyon Resort Kings Canyon Sunset Viewing Picnic Area Kings Creek Kings Creek Station Airfield Kings Pond Kinkeyburta Waterhole Kintore Aerodrome Kintore Health Centre Kintore Police Station Kintore Range Kiora Dam Kirkimbie Kirrkimbie Creek Kirrkimbie Yard Kittsiquana Yard Knob Dam Knotts Bore Kong Bore Kookaburra Bore Kooldunda Well Koolooloongoo Waterhole Koo-Nana Creek Koonoonyeri Bore Kooyong Well Korbaldi Bore Kraegans Creek Kraegens Grave Krichauff Creek Krichauff Ranges Kudinga Creek Kuerschner Creek Kulang Kulapurina Hills Kulgera Kulgera Airstrip Kulgera Dam Kulgera Police Station Kulgera Rail Head Kulpi Rockhole Kulpitarra Kulpitharra Kulumpurlpa Kumunu Kunapula Kunayungku Kungkayunti Kunja Creek Kunjarra Kunoth Bore Kunoth Knob Kunoth Park Kunparrka Kuraljan Bore Kurinelli Kuripindi Bore Kurippi Kurkutjara Kurntapurra Kurrajong Kurrajong Bore Kurraya Kurundi Kurundi Branch Creek Kurundi Creek Kutta Putta Kwala Kwale Kwale L Bore L W L Bore Labrapuntja Ladabah Bore Lady Bird Bore Lajamanu Community Education Centre Lajamanu Community Health Centre Lajamanu Police Station Lajamanu Pre School Lake Alec Lake Amadeus Lake Bennett Lake Bore Lake Buck Lake Eaton Lake Lewis Lake Macdonald Lake Mackay Lake Mary Ann Lake Neale Lake Rapide Lake Ruth Lake Sarah Lake Surprise Lake White Lake Woods Lalgra Yard Lambert Centre Lancewood Hill Lander Bore Lander River Lander Rock Lander Yard Lane Dam Langford Creek Langra Well Lansen Creek Laramba Laramba Community Health Centre Laramba School Larapinta Larapinta Pre School Larapinta Primary School Larapinta Valley Larry Rockhole Larson Bore Lasseter Grave Lasseters Cave Latz Dam Laughton Lagoon Dam Laura Bore Laura Creek Laura Dam Laura Vale Laura Yard Laurie Creek Laver Tank Lawrence Gorge Lawson Bore Lawson Creek Laycocks Hill Leaky Bore Learmonth Park Ledan Peak Lees Creek Left Bower Bore Leichardt Leichardt Yard Leichhardt Bore Leichhardt Creek Leichhardt Spring Len Pascoe Bore Lennie Creek Leonard Tank Lesson Creek Levi Penham Park Levi Range Lewis Dam Lewis Gilbert Park Lewis Ridge Bore Liddle Hills Liebig Bore Ligertwood Cliffs Lightning Bore Lightning Swamp Dam Lignum Bore Lignum Creek Lignum Dam Lija Mukumparla Likkaparta Liku Lilla Lilla Creek Lilla School Lillee Bore Liltjera Lily Bore Lily Creek Lily Crrek Lily Dam Lily Flat Bore Lily Waterhole Limbla Limbla Dam Limbla Spring Limbunya Limejuice Bore Limestone Bore Limestone Dam Limpe Waterhole Lingara Liri Liri Dam Lirri-Lirri Creek Little Ampire Well Little Bore Little Bundey Creek Little Dam Little Dingo Dam Little Edinburgh Creek Little Frazer Creek Little Kalamurta Creek Little Palm Creek Little Rock Little Sandy Creek Little Well Littles Yard Living Waters Lutheran School Livingstone Pass Lizard Bore Lizzie Bore Lizzie Creek Lizzie Dam Ljiltera Spring Lloyd Lochart Creek Lochart Hill Lochart Spring Lochart Yard Loddie Creek Log Cabin Dam Log Hole Creek Lola Creek Lone Hill Lone Rock Lone Star Hill Lonely Spring Long Gully Long Hole Bore Long Hole Yard Long Waterhole Longa Hill Bore Longreach Bore Longreach Waterhole Longreach Yard Longs Range Looa Bore Looa Creek Looa Waterhole Look Down Yard Lookout Dam Lookout Hill Loora Creek Lothari Hill Louisa Creek Loveday Creek Lovell Hill Loves Creek Low Rock Low Rock Bore Lower Mount Hermannsburg Ltira Ltyentye Apurte Community Education Centre Ltyentye Apurte Community Library Ltyentye Apurte Health Centre Lucky Bore Lucky Dam Lucky Hit Rockhole Luckys Bore Lul-tju Luntharra Lurapulla Waterhole Lyilyalanama Lyndavale Well Lyndock Bore M Bore M Dam Macdonald Downs MacDonnell Ranges Macdonnell Siding Macfarlanes Peak Bore Macmillians Creek Madame Pellys Hills Maddens Well Madderns Yard Magarey Range Magdaba Yard Magellan Bore Maggie Springs Magnificence Bore Magpie Creek Maiden Creek Main Camp Main Camp Waterhole Main Hole Mala Mala Landing Ground Malcolms Bore Maldney Hill Mallabah Creek Mallee Bore Mallee Hill Mallee Well Maloney Bore Maloney Creek Mamadi Mana Range Manga Manda Waterhole Mangeraka Gorge Mango Dam Maningidjalki Waterhole Mann Ranges Mannanana Range Mantapayika Mantardi Mantarur Mapata Creek Marble Creek Marbles Bore Marchant Spring Margery Creek Marinbunga Hills Marine Bore Marion Springs Markies Dam Marks Dam Marla Marla Marla Marla Kantitji Marlgara Range Marlinja Marputa Dam Marshall Bore Martin Kent Bore Martingale Dam Martyrs Tree Bore Mary Ann Bore Mary Anne Dam Mary Bore Mary Springs Maryvale Maryvale Hills Maryville Mathews Bore Matthews Knoll Mau Hills Maud Bore Maud Creek Maud No 3 Bore Maudacadatta Bore Mawk Lagoon Mawurla Hill Max Bore Max Walker Bore Mayfield Bore Mayfield Swamp Maynard Park Maynards Bore Mbalkanaka Mbunghara Mbunghara School Mc Diarmid Hill Mc Dills Bore Mc Dills Well Mc Donald Creek Mc Farlane Bore Mc Gorrery Pond Mc Grath Creek Mc Grath Flat Dam Mc Kay Bore Mc Kinlay Creek Mc Laren Creek Mc Leish Yard Mc Nicol Range Mc Raes Bore Mc Rob Bore Mcclures Gap Mcclures Springs McCoy Park Mccrea Trough Mcdonald Bore Mcdonald Yard Mcdonalds Yard McDouall Range McEwin Hills Mcguinnes Bore Mckenzie Bore McLaren Creek Mclean Bore McMahon Bores McMinn Creek Mcquigans Bore Medusa Ridge Meercantie Creek Meerie Waterhole Megalong Bore Megalong Dam Mendip Hill Mereeni Bore Mereenie Mereenie Bluff Mereenie Bore Mereenie Range Mereenie Valley Merino Well And Bore Merle Tank Merral Ntarrakala Merrick Gully Merrina Waterhole Meteorite Dam Meyers Hill Mia Mia Creek Mica Bores Mica Dam Michaels Bore Mick Hole Mick Soak Microwave Repeater Tower Middle Bore Middle Bores Middle Camp Dam Middle Creek Middle Creek Bore Middle Dam Middle Hill Middle Range Middle Tomkinson Creek Middle Waterhole Middle Well Middleton Ponds Middleton Ponds Well Midge Bore Midge Creek Midnight Creek Midnight Yard Midway Bore Miers Dam Mill Ridge Miller Bore Millers Workings Millionaires Well Milner Lagoon Milton Dam Milton Park Milton Waterhole Mimosa Yard Mines Bore Minga Bore Minga Dam Miningera Bore Miningera Well Minnies Creek Mirridi Mirror Finish Dam Missionaries Plain Missionary Plain Mistake Bore Mistake Creek Mitchell Bore Mitchell Dam Mitchell Grass Dam Mitchells Bore Mitty Bore Mitty Waterhole Miyikampi Mollie Bluff Mona Bore Mongulina Creek Mongulina Well Monmoona Creek Monmoona Waterhole Montejinni Montejinni Creek Montejinni Waterhole Monument Hill Monument Waterhole Moolooloo Moolta Hills Moonbool Creek Moonlight Bore Moonlight Gap Dam Moonlight Rock Hole Moonlight Rockhole Fossicking Area Moonlight Yard Mopoke Dam Moray Bore Mordor Pound Morgan Creek Morginie Waterhole Morley Bore Morleys Swamp Dam Morphett Creek Morrie Hocking EDM Baseline Morris Gap Morris Pass Morriss Bore Mortons Camp Yards Mosquito Bore Mosquito Camp Waterhole Mosquito Creek Mosquito Waterhole Mother Dillons Knob Mothers Dam Motna's Mount Airy Mount Alfred Mount Allan Mount Allan Aerodrome Mount Allen Mount Allen School Mount Alooarjara Mount Archie Mount Archie Dam Mount Argo Mine Mount Baines Mount Barkly Mount Barkly Airstrip Mount Barrow Mount Barton Mount Bearteaux Mount Beasley Mount Beddome Mount Behm Mount Behn Mount Bennet Mount Benstead Mount Benstead Creek Mount Bird Mount Blatherskite Mount Bleechmore Mount Boothby Mount Bowley Mount Brady Mount Brassey Mount Brown Mount Browne Mount Bruna Mount Brunonia Mount Burrell Mount Byrne Mount Cairns Mount Caldwell Mount Campbell Mount Campbell Dam Mount Capitor Bore Mount Carey Mount Caroline Mount Carruthers Mount Castle Mount Casuarina Mount Cavenagh Mount Cecil Mount Cecil Bore Mount Chapman Mount Chapple Mount Chapple Bore Mount Charles Mount Charlotte Mount Chisholm Mount Cleland Mount Coghlan Mount Conner Mount Conway Mount Copley Mount Cowle Mount Crawford Mount Curdie Mount Currie Mount Cuthbert Bore Mount Daer Mount Daniel Mount Davenport Mount Davidson Mount Davidson Outstation Mount Day Mount Deakin Mount Denison Mount Denison Airstrip Mount Dixon Mount Doreen Mount Duff Mount Duncan Mount Dunkin Mount Eaglebeak Mount Ebenezer Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse Mount Eclipse Mount Edward Mount Emma Mount Engoordina Mount Ertwa Mount Esther Mount Esther Dam Mount Esther Well & Bore Mount Everard Mount Ewart Mount Fagan Mount Falconer Mount Farewell Mount Farquharson Mount Figg Mount Finniss Mount Fisher Mount Forbes Mount Forstor Mount Frazer Mount Frederick Mount Freeling Mount Gardiner Mount George Mount George Bore Mount Giles Mount Gillen Mount Glaisher Mount Glass Mount Gloaming Mount Gordon Mount Gordon North Mount Grayling Mount Grevillea Mount Grundy Mount Guenevere Mount Gurner Mount Gwynne Mount Hakea Mount Hall Mount Hammond Mount Hardy Mount Harper Mount Harris Mount Hastie Mount Hawker Mount Hay Mount Hay Bore Mount Herbert Mount Hermannsburg Mount Heuglin Mount Hitchins Mount Hodgson Mount Holder Mount Hopetoun Mount Humphries Mount Ida Mount Jenkins Mount Johns Mount Johnston Mount Johnston Dam Mount Judith Mount Judith Bore Mount Karinga Mount Katapata Mount Kathleen Mount Keartland Mount Kimon Mount Kingston Mount Kingston Dam No1 Mount Kitty Dam Mount Kossy Dam Mount Kuta-Kuta Mount Larrie Mount Laughlen Mount Le Hunte Mount Leichhardt Mount Leisler Mount Levi Mount Lewis Mount Liebig Aerodrome Mount Lindsay Mount Lionel Mount Lloyd Mount Long Mount Lucy Mount Lyell Brown Mount Mabel Mount Madigan Mount Magarey Mount Maiyu Mount Mann Mount Mary Mount Mary Bore Mount Maybel Mount Mcculloch Mount McGowan Mount Mein Mount Merrick Mount Mervin Mount Michael Mount Miller Mount Milton Mount Morphett Mount Morris Mount Muriel Mount Murrey Mount Musgrave Mount Nancy Mount Napier Mount Nelson Mount Nicker Mount Northcote Mount Obstruction Mount Octy Mount Olifent Mount Ooraminna Mount Ormerod Mount Palmer Mount Panton Mount Parkinson Mount Patricia Mount Peachy Mount Peachy Bore Mount Peake Mount Peake 3 Bore Mount Peake Creek Mount Peake Creek Bore Mount Peake Dam Mount Peculiar Mount Peebles Mount Pellinore Mount Peterswald Mount Pfitzner Mount Phillips Mount Polhill Mount Possum Mount Possum Bore Mount Powell Mount Ptilotus Mount Pursell Mount Putardi Mount Quin Mount Rawlins Mount Razorback Mount Redvers Mount Reginald Mount Reid Mount Rennie Mount Rennie Bore Mount Rennie Swamp Dam Mount Reynolds Mount Richards Dam Mount Riddoch Mount Riddoch Creek Mount Riddock Mount Robert Mount Rodinga Mount Rose Mount Ruby Mount Ruby Dam Mount Ruby Spring Mount Rugged Mount Rumbalara Mount Russell Mount Samuel Mount Sanford Mount Santo Mount Seale Mount Shady Mount Shillinglaw Mount Singleton Mount Sir Charles Mount Sir Henry Mount Skene Mount Skinner Mount Solitaire Mount Solitary Mount Sonder Mount Squire Mount Squire Dam Mount Squire Siding Mount Stafford Mount Stanley Mount Stevens Mount Stirling Mount Strangways Mount Strawbridge Mount Strickland Mount Strzelecki Mount Sullivan Mount Sunday Bore Mount Sunday Range Mount Swan Mount Tanami Mount Tate Mount Theo Mount Thomas Mount Toby Mount Topps Mount Townshend Mount Tracey Mount Treachery Mount Trioda Mount Tucker Mount Turnbull Mount Twellar Mount Twigg Mount Udor Mount Udor West Mount Ultim Mount Unapproachable Mount Undoolya Mount Warburton Mount Watson Mount Watt Mount Weldon Mount Wickham Mount William Mount Williams Mount Willieray Mount Wilson Mount Wilyunpa Mount Windajong Mount Winnecke Mount Winter Mount Wollaston Mount Woodcock Mount Yambah Mount Zeil Mountain Bore Mountain Creek Mountain Creek Yard Mountain Spring Bore Moyle Dam Moyles Bore Mp Bore Mpwetyerre Mt Burrell Bore Mt Campbell Bore Mt Conner Mt Conner Lookout Mt Connor Well Mt Denison Mt Eaglebeak Mt Everard H F Radio Mt Larrie Mt Maiyo Mt Quinn Bore Mt Riddock Landing Ground Mt Sunday Dam Mucka Waterhole Mucka Yard Muckaty Muckaty Bore Muckeldons Creek Mud Bore Mud Hole Yard Mud Hut Bore Mud Hut Well Mud Springs Creek Mud Tank Mud Tank Bore Mud Tank Dam Mudlark Bore Mueller Bore Mueller Creek Mueller Dam Mulga Bank Dam Mulga Bore Mulga Claypan Mulga Dam Mulga Green Mulga Hole Bore Mulga Park Mulga Park Airstrip Mulga Point Bore Mulga Waterhole Mullara Creek Mullara Yard Mullengerry Bore Muller Bore Muller Flat Dam Mulurudju Waterhole Mulyati Mulyugaridji Hills Mumbilla Waterhole Munadgee Munadgee Creek Mundah Bore Mundah Waterhole Mundine Bore Mungabroom Mungalawurru Mungarbroom Landing Ground Mungkarta Mungurrupa Munji-Marla Munkaderry Waterhole Munyu Hills Muranji Rockhole Murchison Range Murdoch Cliffs Muriel Range Murphys Lake Murphys Range Murranji Murranji Bore Murranji Landing Ground Murranji Stock Route Murray Bore Murray Creek Murray Creek Bore Murray Creek Dam Murray Downs Murray Downs Landing Ground Murray Downs School Murray Hill Murtulki Musca Museum of Central Australia Musgrave Musgrave Well Musty Well Mutitjulu Health Centre Mutitjulu Police Station Mutjitjulu School Muttamundra Waterhole Muyin Mygoora Bore Mygoora Lake Mygoora Well N Dam Nabangardi Hill Naburula Hills Nairobi Well Nallysnum Bore Namatjira Namerinni Namerinni Waterhole Namga Range Nancy Hill Napagunpa Napperby Napperby Aerodrome Napperby Creek Napplebar Yard Narbib Range Nardudi Hill Narwietooma National Pioneer Womens Hall of Fame Native Gap Native Gap Dam Native Well Natjitnama Natural Dam Naval Action Bore Naval Action Dam Naval Action Hill N'Dhala Gorge N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park Neave Creek Neds Dam Needlebush Tank Needlebush Trough Negri River Neil Hargraves Lookout Nelly Creek Nelly Waterhole Nelson Bore Nelson Creek Nelson Springs Nero Bore Nero Creek Netting Bore Neutral Junction Neutral Junction School Never Never Dam New Barrow Bore New Bluebush Bore New Bore New Bore 1 New Bore 2 New Bullock Bore New Chum Dam New Crown New Dam New Hickety Bore New Ilparpa New Lander Loading Yard New Limestone Bore New Lizzie Bore New Moon Bore New Sandhill Bore New Well New Well Bore New Year Dam Newcastle Creek Newcastle Waters Newcastle Waters School Newhaven Newland Cave Newland Cave Soak Newland Park Newland Ranges Newmarket Bore Ngadarunga Hills Ngadiri Hills Ngalabaldjiri Claypan Ngalpa Ngalpa Ngalpa Ngalpa Hill Ngalurbindi Hills Ngamadingi Hill Ngandanjariwanu Swamp Ngangurr Ngankiritja Ngappamilarnu Ngarnka Ngkwarlerlanem Nguman Ngurrara Ngurrutiji Ngurrutiji Rockhole Ngutjul Nguyarramini Nguyarrmini Rockhole Nicholson Bore Nicholsons Bore Nigger Creek Night Yard Nilligan Tank Nilly Waterhole Nine Mile Bore Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Dam Nine Mile Waterhole Nineteen Mile Creek Nineteen Mile Gully Nineteen Mile Rockhole Nintabrinna Bore Nipper Knob Nishan-E-Afghan Park Nmvg 686 No 1 Dam No 1 Oil Well No 1 Sisters Dam No 1 Top Yard No 1 Yard No 10 Bore No 10 Oil Well No 10b Bore No 11 Bore No 11 Dam No 11 Oil Well No 11 Tank No 12 Bore No 12 Dam No 12 Frazer Bore No 12 Oil Well No 12 Tank No 13 2 Bore No 13 Bore No 13 Oil Well No 13 Tank No 14 Bore No 14 Oil Well No 14 Sentinel Hill Bore No 15 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 15 Bore No 15 Oil Well No 15 Robbies Bore No 16 Bore No 16 Oil Well No 17 Bore No 18 Bore No 19 Bore No 19 Dam No 2 Bore No 2 Dam No 2 Oil Well No 2 Sisters Dam No 2 Top Yard No 20 Bore No 20 Dam No 21 Bore No 21 Dam No 24 Turkey Nest No 26 Bore No 27 Bore No 28 Bore No 29 Bore No 3 Bore No 3 Bore North No 3 Dam No 3 Gibson Bore No 3 Johnos Bore No 3 Oil Well No 3 Rockhole No 3 Well No 3 Yard No 31 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 31 Bore No 34 Bore No 36 Bore No 37 Bore No 38 Bore No 39 Bore No 3A Bore No 4 Wallhallow Bore No 4 Colson Dam No 4 Dam No 4 Oil Well No 40 Bore No 41 Bore No 42 Bore No 43 Bore No 44 Bore No 45 Bore No 46 Bore No 47 Bore No 48 Bore No 5 Alluvial Bore No 5 Bore No 5 Drought Relief Bore No 5 Govt Jasper Bore No 5 Oil Well No 5 Yard No 6 Bore No 6 Ledan Peak Bore No 6 Oil Well No 7 Bore No 7 Dam No 7 Dingo Bore No 7Rockhampton Downs Bore No 8 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 8 Bore No 8 Oil Well No 9 Bore No 9 Cant Bore No 9 Hayward Bore No 9 Oil Well No 9 S R Bore No 9 Swamp Bore No Name Bore Nobles Nob Nobles Nob Mine Nolans Bore Nolans Dam Nombra Bore Nongra Bore Nongra Lake Noonie Park Noons Rockhole Norman Gully North 20 Mile Waterhole North Bore North Dam North East Dam North Hayward Creek North Mount Allan Bore North Side Emily Bore North Star North Star Dam & Bore North Tomkinson Creek North West Bore Northern Territory Ntakarra Ntaria Police Station Ntaria School Nturiya Nturiya Health Centre Nulcharra Creek Numagalong Homestead Number 1 Creek Number 10 Yankee Number 10 Bore Number 11 Bore Number 12 Bore Number 13 Bore Number 14 Bore Number 2 Bore & Yard Number 4 Bore Number 47 Bore Number 48 Bore Number 5 Bore Number 7 Bore Number 8 Bore Number 8 Creek Number 8 Rockhole Number 9 Bore Numery Nungalla Waterhole Nungurmanu Hill Nuradidgee Nutwood Bore Nyangatjatjara College Docker River Campus Nyangatjatjara College Imanpa Campus Nyangatjatjara College Mutitjulu Campus Nyangatjatjara College Yulara Campus Nyewente Nyinkka Nyunyu Interpretive Centre Nyirripi Nyirripi Health Centre Nyirripi Police Station Nyirripi School Nyngan Bore O Bore O D Creek O Dam O T Downs Oak Bore Oak Valley O'Callaghans Tank Ochre Hill October Creek October Creek Paddock O'Donnell Bore Officer's Hill Ogden Bore O'Gradys Well Old Albs Bore Old Andado Old Burke Homestead Old Bushy Bore Old Crown Well Old Gordon Creek Old Gurner Homestead Bore Old Hamilton Downs Old Limbunya Old Macdonald Downs Old Mount Peake Homestead Old Owen Springs Old Police Station Waterhole Old Station Old Station Bore Old Station Dam Old Station Waterhole Old Station Well Old Timers Traeger Museum Old Top Springs Homestead Old Ucharonidge Old Wave Hill Oldfields Dam Olia Chain Oliffe Creek Oliffe Range Olive Pink Botanic Garden Olympic Bore One Tree Bore One Tree Hill Dam One Tree Point Oneva Creek Ongeva Creek Onomohl Waterhole Oodjuongari Waterhole Oodnarta Waterhole Oodratnamma Waterhole Oolbra Dam Oolera Spring Oolooroo Waterhole Oolra Well Oomulka Dam Oondaloo Oondoomoola Waterhole Ooradidgee Rockhole Ooralingie Bore Ooraminna Ooraminna Dam Ooraminna Number 1 Oil Bore Ooraminna Range Ooraminna Waterhole Oorupida Spring Bore Opal Creek Open Grass Plain Opparinna Creek Orange Bore Orange Creek Orange No 1 Gas Well Orange Tree Bore Orlando Dam Orlando Mine Ormiston Creek Ormiston Gorge Ormiston Pound Osborne Dam Osborne Range Otn Bore Our Lady Of Sacred Heart College Sadadeen Campus Our Lady Of Sacred Heart Primary School Outounya Creek Outounya Dam Outside Creek Overland Springs Owen Owen Springs Owen Springs Power Station Owen Well Owl Gorge Owl Rocks P Bore P Dam P I B Paddock Packhorse Bore Packhorse Dam Pacoota Bore Paddock Dam Paddys Bore Paddys Hole Creek Paddys Hole Dam Paddys Plain Paddys Soak Well Paddys Tank Padra Bore Paech Dam Painter Springs Paisley Bluff Pakulki Palm Creek Palm Paddock Palm Spring Palm Valley Palm Valley Chalet Palmer River Palmer Valley Pamayu Pandanus Yard Panjirriji Bore Pannikan Dams Pannikin Creek Pantharrpilenhe Pantyinteme Paper Bark Yard Paperbark Creek Papuana Bore Papunya Airfield Papunya Health Centre Papunya Police Station Papunya School Paradise Bore Paradise Well Parakeelia Peak Parakelya Trap Parakylia Dam Parana Hill Pargee Range Pargee Rockhole Parke Creek Parker's Cone Parklands Bore Parnta Parrarra Well Parrot Creek Parrulyu Parson Creek Parson Yard Partnparinji Pascoe Springs Patmungala Creek Pats Hole Dam Patterson Bore And Yard Pattie River Patty Hill Patty Well Paupers Well Payeperrentye B Peak Knob Peaked Hill Pear Tree Bore Pear Tree Creek Pedestal Hills Pedlar Well Peebles Bore Peebles Creek Peko Peko Park Pelican Creek Penny Spring Pep Camp Yard Percy Hill Percys Billabong Perry Ponds Perta Hill Pertarratenge Perte Therre Petalu Peter Creek Petermann Petermann Bluff Petermann Creek Petermann Hills Petermann Pound Petermann Ranges Peters Spring Bore Peters Spring Creek Petulki Waterhole Petyale Phillip Creek Phillip Creek Bore Phillipson Bore Phillipson Creek Phillipson Pound Picininny Bore Picnic Bore Pidgeon Bore Pidgeon Gully Bore Pig Hole Creek Pigeon Hole Pigeon Hole Health Centre Pigeon Hole School Piggery Bore Pilakatal Pile Hill Pilgrim Park Pillar Range Pilooman Bore Pinch Bore Pine Gap Pine Gap Dam Pine Hill Pine Point Pine Valley Pingala Pingelly Waterhole Pingidijarra Hills Pinja Pinnacle Dam Pinnacle Hills Pinnacle Well Pinnacles Bores Pinpirnga Pinyinna Range Pioneer Creek Pirrulpakalarintja Pituri Bore Piultarana Range Plain Bore Plenty Bore Plenty Dam Plew Bore Plowman Park Pmara Juntjunta Health Centre Pmara Jutunta Poeppel Park Point Eremophila Point Helena Point Howard Point Wakefield Poison Creek Poison Creek Bore Poison Creek Yard Polhill Poll And Diamond Dam Pollards Hole Dam Polly Corner Polly Springs Pompey Creek Pompey Knob Pondun Waterhole Poochie Bore Pooley Bore Poomingie Waterhole Poona Well Porcupine Dam Porcupine Swamp Porter Well Possum Creek Possum Well Potato Flat Bore Pottoyu Hills Pound Bore Pound Creek Pound Yard Powell Creek Powell Creek Telegraph Station Power Of Wealth Pretty Camp Dam Pridmore Bore Pridmores Bore Prince Henry Gap Princes Bore Prominent Pillar Prosperity Bore Prowse Gap Pudden Stone Waterhole Puk Puk Dam Pulardi Pularoo Soak Pulca-Currinya Waterhole Pulcura Lake Pulcura Well Pulka Bore Pulka No 2 Bore Pulpit Rock Pulya Pulya Creek Pulya Pulya Dam Pump Rockhole Pumpkin Yard Punch Hole Bore Pungalindum Pungelindum Rockhole Punjarriji Punritjanta Punya Dam Pussycat Creek Puta Puta Putulu Puyurru Pwerte Marnte Marnte Pwertentye Quandong Bore Quartz Blow Quartz Hill Quartz Hill Dam Yard Quartz Ridge Quauntong Bore Queens Bore Queensland Bore Quinn Bore Quirks Bore Quondong Bore R B Creek R Bore Rabbit Creek Rabbit Flat Rabbit Flat Bore Rabbit Flat Tent Motel Rabbit Hole Bore Rabbit Well Racecourse Creek Raggatts Well Raider Well Railway Bore Rainbow Valley Bore Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve Rainbow Valley Tank Ram Creek Ram Creek Bore Randall Peak Bore RandallS Peak Rarangantjuta Razorback Bore Reaphook Hills Receiving Station Red Bluff Red Cliff Red Dam Red Hill Red Hill Tank Red Hill Yard Red Ochre Dam Red Range Well Red Rock Red Rock Bore Red Rock Dam Red Sandhill Red Tank Redbank Bore Redbank Creek Redbank Gorge Redbank Hill Redbank Waterhole Redbank Yard Redcliff Dam Redhackle Dam Redlake Dam Reedy Bore Reedy Creek Reedy Hole Waterhole Reedy Rockhole Reflex Hill Refrigerator Bore Refrigerator Well Reg Williams Bore Relief Creek Relief Dam Rembrandt Rock Renahans Bore Renehan Ridges Renner Creek Renner Springs Rennie Creek Rennie Creek Yard Renny Bore Resources Bore Revolver Creek Revolver Yard Reynolds Range Rhonda Diano Park Ribbone Bore Rick Mccosker Bore Ridge Pole Creek Ridgewall Waterhole Rieck Dam Riecks Dam Rifle Bore Rifle Waterhole Rigaud Tower Right Bower Bore Riley Creek Ringwood Ringwood Creek Rinkabeena Well Riveren Road Bore Road Transport Hall of Fame Robbies Bore Robbs Bore Roberts Park Robinson Dam Rochow Bore Rock Hill Rockhampton Downs Rockhampton Downs School Rockhole Bore Rockhole Dam Rockies Dam Rocky Creek Rocky Dam Rocky Hill Rocky Hole Yard Rocky Marciano Bore Rocky Range Rocky Yard Rockybar Creek Rocnest Rod Marsh Bore Rodina Bore Rodina Waterhole Rodinga Rodinga Dam Rodinga Range Rodna Roe Creek Roe Point Rogers Dam Rogers Pass Rona Glynn Pre School Rons Dam Rooney Waterhole Rooney Yard Root Bore Rose Bore Rosebush Bore Rosewell Bore Rosewood Rosewood Landing Ground Ross Ross Creek Ross Creek Bore Ross Park Primary School Ross River Ross River Resort Rotaract Park Round Hill Round Hole Yard Rowley Range Rubberbush Bore Ruby Gap Gorge Rudalls Creek Ruined Rampart Rumbalara Claypan Dam Rumbalara Siding Rungutjirba Ridge Russell Well Rusty Dam Ruths Bore Rutjingka Ryan Well Ryan Well Historical Reserve Ryans Gap Ryans Gap Dam Ryko Lookout Rymans Bore S Bore S Dam S45 Bore Sadadeen Sadadeen High School Sadadeen Pre School Sadadeen Primary School Sadadeen Range Saddle Creek Saddle Flap Dam Saddle Hole Creek Saddle Hole Dam Safari Bore Sailor Park Bore Salt Bore Salt Creek Bore Salt Creek Dam Salt Hole Salt Lake City Bore Salt Springs Salt Well Creek Saltbush Bore Saltbush Creek Salthole Dam Salttrough Waterhole Salty Bore Sambo Bore Sambo Creek Sandford Bore Sandford Cliffs Sandhill Bore Sandover Dam Sandscreen Bore Sandstone Bore Sandstone Waterhole Sandstone Yard Sandy Blight Junction Sandy Bore Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Bore Sandy Lagoon Sangsters Bore Santa Teresa Aerodrome Santa Teresa Police Station Sapper Soak Bore Satelite Dam Schoolboy Creek Scotties Bore Scrub Bore Scrub Cairn Scrub Hill Scrub Hole Scrub Well Scrubby Dam Seale Yard Serpentine Chalet Serpentine Gorge Seymour Range Shady Bore Shady Camp Bore Shag Waterhole Shakes Plain Shamrock Speedway Shandon Downs Shannon Bore Sharpes Grave Shaw Creek Sheep Camp Bore Sheep No 2 Bore Shemmedys Bore Shenandoah Sheppard Bore Sheppards Knoll Sheppwell Bore Sherry Bore Shirley Creek Shoeing Tool Bore Short Range Shovel Springs Shulbunga Yard Siberia No1 Bore Siddeley Range Silky Bore Silver King Mine Silvermine Simpsons Gap Simpsons Gap National Park Simpsons Gap Ranger Station Simpsons Gap Visitors Centre Singleton Singleton Bore Sister Hills Sisters Bore Sisters Hills Site 3013 Six Mile Creek Sixteen Mile Creek Skinner Bore Skinner Creek Skinner Pound Skinnys Dam Skipper Hill Skull Creek Sliding Rock Well Small Dam Smiths Bore Smiths Gift Bore Smiths Pinch Smoke Hills Smokey Bore Snake Bore Snake Hole Snake Hole Creek Snake Hole Dam Snake Well Snappy Gum Waterhole Snow Bore Snow Kenna Park Soakage Bore Soakage Creek Soakage Dam Soap Dam Soapy Bore Soda Creek Soda Springs Creek Solar Bore Soldiers Cap South 20 Mile Waterhole South Creek South East Creek South East Creek Yard South Gate Bore South Mount Allan Bore South Newcastle Bore South Point South Tomkinson Creek South Turkey Nest South Well Bore Southern Cross Bore Souths Range Southward Bore Southwark Bore Sowden Hill Spears Bore Spell Paddock Bore Spencer Gorge Spencer Hill Spencer Park Spider Bore Spinifex Bore Spitfire Creek Spitfire Yard Split Rock Waterhole Spotted Tiger Spriggs Creek Spriggs Creek Bore Spring Bore Spring Creek Spring Creek Bore Spring Creek Dam Spring Dam Spring Gap Bore Spring Range Spring Range Bore Spring Range Waterhole Spring Well Sputnik Bore St Phillips College Stacey Bore Stadium Bore Staines Hills Staircase Bore Stalin Creek Stallion Creek Standley Chasm Stapletons Pinnacle Star Bore Star Creek Station Bore Station Creek Station Dam Station Hill Steelcon Bore Steele Gap Stephenson Dam Stevens Creek Stevenson Peak Stewarts Yard Stirling Stirling Creek Stirling Station School Stirling Swamp Stirling Well Stock Agents Bore Stock Hill Stock Route Bore Stockade Creek Stockwell Bore Stockyard Bore Stockyard Creek Stokes Creek Stokes Pass Stokes Well Stone Yard Stone Yard Springs Stones Bore Stones Creek Stoney Dam Stoney Knob Stoneys Bore Stony Bore Stony Creek Storm Creek Stormy Bore Strangways Range Stuart Stuart Bluff Range Stuart Bore Stuart Memorial Stuart Pass Stuart Swamp Stuart Town Cemetery Stuart Town Gaol Stuart Well Stud Bore Stud Bore Hole Stud Turkey Nest Studholme Hills Sturt 80 Bore Sturt Creek Sturt Creek Floodout Sturt Plain Sturt Plain Bore Sturt Range Styles Creek Sugar Creek Sugarbag Bore Sullivan Creek Sullivan Well Sunday Sunrise Bore Sunset Viewing Area Sunshine Bore Suplejack Supplejack Bore Supplejack Dam Supplejack Range Supplejack Turkey Nest Surcingle Creek Survey Bore Surveyor Generals Corner Surveyors Waterhole Sutherland Creek Swan Creek Swan Yard Sweetwater Bore Sydney Margaret Range Symington Hill Syphon Bore Syphon Tank T Bore T Dam Table Hill Table Hill Bore Table Hill Dam Tablelands Tadjinarra Rock Hole Taffy Pick Causeway Talbot Well Talc Creek Talipata Gorge Talyi-Talyi Hills Tanami Tanami Desert Tanami Downs Tanami East Tanami Mine Tanami Range Tandyidgee Bore Tandyidgee Waterhole Tanumbirini Tanumbirini Creek Tanumbirini Landing Ground Tanumbirini Station Cemetery Tanumbirini Waterhole Tara Tara Health Centre Taragan Waterhole Tarawara Tarawera Bore Tarawera Creek Tarax Dam Tarn Of Auber Tarrabool Lake Tattara Waterhole Taylor Creek Taylor Hills Taylor Well Taylors Bore Taylors Claypan Dam Taylors Creek Taylors Springs Tea Tree Well Teapot Yard Teatree Hole Technicolour Dam Teds Dam Tee Dee Bore Tee Dee Hill Telbilinnie Rockhole Tempe Downs Temple Bar Ten Mile Bore Ten Mile Dam Ten Mile Waterhole Tennant Creek Aerodrome Tennant Creek Ambulance Station Tennant Creek Bore Fields Tennant Creek Fire Station Tennant Creek General Cemetery Tennant Creek Golf Club Tennant Creek High School Tennant Creek Hospital Tennant Creek Police Station Tennant Creek Post Office Tennant Creek Pre School Tennant Creek Primary School Tennant Creek Public Library Tennant Creek Railway Station Tennant Creek Telegraph Station Tennant Hill Dam Tent Hill Tent Hill Creek Tent Hill Yard Tent Hills Teppa Hill Teppa Hill Pre School Tergirgi Rockhole Termite That Hill The Bank Bore The Bank Dam The Black Hills The Bluff Waterhole The Cone The Darwent The Derwent The Gap The Garden The Granites The Granites Mine The Hopkins The Peak The Residency The Sisters The Swamp The Twins Theiss Bore Thelma Bore Thommo Bore Thomsons Rockhole Three Mile Dam Three Ways Bore Three Ways Roadhouse Threeways Dam Thring Swamp Ti Tree Ti Tree Airstrip Ti Tree Health Centre Ti Tree Police Station Ti Tree School Tidenvale Creek Tietkens Birthday Creek Tilmouth Bore Tilmouth Crossing Tilmouth Well Tilmouth Well Airstrip Tilmouth Well Roadhouse Tin Bore Tinarkie Bore Tinarkie Soak Tinfish Well Tinkarli Tinki Titjikala Titjikala Health Centre Titjikala School Titmus Hill Titra Well Ti-Tree Roadhouse Tjamangkurra Tjauwata Tjintirtjintirpa Tjulpungu Tjungkubu Hills Tjunti Tjuntinanta Tnawurta Tnerte Tnyimipurta Toby Creek Todd Dam Todd Glen Todd Plain Todd River Tom Brown Roundabout Tom Lagoon Creek Tomahawk Bore Tomahawk Range Tomahawk Swamp Tomkinson Creek Tommyhawk Swamp Tommys Gap Dam Toms Rock Tony Greig Bore Tonys Dam Toolaway Waterhole Tooliganbilly Creek Tooliganbilly Waterhole Top Bore Top Corner Bore Top Faradays Well Top Humbert Yard Top Riley Yards Top Soak Top Springs Top Well Top Yard Creek Topsy Bore Touchy Touch Bore Toudinny Creek Toudinny Dam Toudinny Waterhole Tower Creek Tower Rock Town Bore Town of Alice Springs Town of Daly Waters Town of Elliott Town of Hart Range Town of Hatches Creek Town of Newcastle Waters Town of Ti Tree Town of Top Springs Town of Yulara Townsend Creek Townshend Bore Traceys Dam Tractor Waterhole Traeger Park Train Hills Trap Paddock Trap Yard Trephina Creek Trephina Gorge Trephina Gorge Nature Park Treuer Range Trevor Reid Park Trevors Bore Trevors Dam Trickett Creek Trimble Tank Trishes Hill Trucking Yard Tucker Park Tug Creek Turkey Bore Turkey Camp Yard Turkey Creek Turkey Dam Turkey Flat Dam Turkey Nest Turkey Nest Tank Turn Off Bore Turner Bore Turners Bore Turners Camp Turners Dome Turnoff Bore Tuxworth Fullwood Museum Twelve Mile Dam Twelve Mile New Well Twenty Seven Mile Dam Twetye A Twetye B Twin Bore Twin Soak Bore Twin Tank Two Mile Creek Two Mile Dam Two Wells Bore Tylers No 1 Oil Bore Tylers Pass Tyson Creek Tywenpe A Tywenpe C Tywenpe D U 737 U 738 U 739 U 740 U 742 U 744 U 745 U 747 U 748 U 749 U 750 U 751 U 760 U 761 U 762 U 763 U 764 U 771 U 773 U 774 U 775 U 776 U 777 U 779 U 781 U 783 U Bore U Dam Ucharonidge Ucharonidge Landing Ground Ugnada Bore Uindait Creek Uindait Spring Ukaka Ukaka School Ukatjupu Ukulka Rockhole Ulambara Ulambaura Ulambaura Creek Ulbulla Ulbunalli Uldirra Hill Ulgarna Bore Ulgarna Creek Ulginuli Waterhole Ulgnamba Bore Ulpanyali Ulpunda Ulta Creek Ulumbara Bore Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre Uluru Ayers Rock Mt Olga National Park Uluru / Ayers Rock Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Uluru-Katatjuta National Park Umbarta Creek Umbeara Umbeara Well Undandita Undandita Claypan Undandita Creek Undemow Waterhole

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