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Gluten Free Edge Get Skinny the Gluten Free Way

Gluten Free Edge Get Skinny the Gluten Free Way
Gluten Free Edge Get Skinny the Gluten Free Way (ref#:14143)
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Goodbye gluten - hello weight loss

The Grapefruit Diet. The Lemon/Cayenne Pepper Detox Diet. The Three-Day Diet.

Unlike fad diets that come and go, The Gluten-Free Edge gives readers the extra push they need to shed those pounds—and they don’t have to have celiac disease to benefit.

Acclaimed chef Ross Harris delivers gourmet meals that guarantee weight loss without forcing readers to give up the foods they love. Gluten-free gourmands will find a 7-day meal plan and 200 recipes that satisfy even the most discerning dieter’s palate including:

• Spinach and Shrimp Omelettes
• Turkey Piccata
• Ratatouille
• White Clam Pizza
• Mandarin Orange and Chocolate Crepes

Gluten-filled foods can derail even the best-intentioned diets, but these gourmet recipes make weight loss quick, easy, and delicious.

Gini Warner, MA (Laguna Beach, CA) has been a practicing dietitician for more than twenty years and works with families, individuals, and corporations in the fields of celiac disease, immune dysfunction, diabetes, osteoporosis, weight loss, and overall wellness.

Chef Ross Harris (Laguna Beach, CA) is the assistant Head Chef at Le Diplomat, a restaurant serving Mediterranean style cuisine in Southern California where he gives his customers the choice of traditional or gluten-free ingredients.

•The only gourmet, gluten-free cookbook that helps anyone shed unwanted pounds—whether they have celiac disease or not
•Chef Ross Harris has cooked for a variety of celebrities including Marlo Thomas and George Lopez
•The book includes a foreword by Dr. Peter Green, MD, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University

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